CNC Routers

Our facility is equipped with a large format overhead gantry 5-axis CNC router. The router has a large working envelope of 20ft x 12ft x 5ft and is capable of milling precision parts. We needed a way to instill higher quality and efficiency into our radome development process. Through in-house milling, we now have the ability to create custom plugs and parts used in the development of our radomes.

Construction Features5-Axis Mill used to build radome plugs and tooling

  • Precision Helical Rack and Pinion Driven Gantry
  • Leadscrew Driven Bridge and Spindle Z-Axis
  • Stress Relieved Steel with Precision Machined Surfaces

Machine Features

  • Moving Gantry Bridge Design, Stationary Table
  • 20ft x 12ft x 5ft – Machining Length, Width, and Height
  • Spindle Speed to 22,000 RPM
  • Unlimited Continuous C-Axis Rotation Option
  • Virtual Zero Backlash Rotary Axes Positioning
  • Fagor Model 8055 Power Controller


  • Small to Large Format 5-Axis Machining and Surfacing
  • Model Making and Digital Sculpture

We also have a small 4′ x 8′ 3-axis router used primarily for cutting foam kits for our radome panels.