ITI-RCS offers radome related services for our customers.  If required, we can perform RF analysis, create sample panels and coordinate RF testing, provide structural analysis, and  build custom tooling for a radome size or shape variation.   We can also provide architectural structures and dome designs for building contractors.

Our team can assist in radome installation from the initial site survey to construction support.  Whether you require full installation or a project supervisor, we want to ensure your radome is installed as quickly and safely as possible.

The manufacturing facility in Reno, NV can provide large-scale milling services for companies and Universities when it is not busy with our radome products.

  • Radio Frequency Analysis
  • Structural Analysis
  • RF Testing Coordination
  • Custom Fiberglass Tooling
  • Radome Installations for our radomes
  • Radome Installation Supervisors
  • Radome As-built Surveys

Please contact us for your radome and any services required for your radome

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